European Election 2014

The European Election will be held on May 22 when Wales will elect four MEPs. The votes won't be counted until May 25, as not result can be declared until voting is completed across the European Union.

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Lib Dems must keep explaining says Welsh Leader

The Welsh Liberal Democrat leader says her party needs to continue to explain why it went into coalition with the Conservatives and what it's achieving in government. Kirsty Williams suggested a decision not to do that was one of the reasons why the Lib Dems performed badly in the European election.

She blamed that decision on 'people [within the Lib Dems] who found the decision to go into coalition difficult and the stuff that goes along with that decision challenging.' Asked what the party had to do to turn its fortunes around, she said:

It's very important that we go on articulating much more clearly the reasons why we chose to go into coalition and what the alternatives were. Some people had decided we didn't need to go on doing that.

We have to articulate much more clearly what the Liberal Democrats are for and what people will get with the Liberal Democrats. Nobody else will do that for us. The Daily Mail is not suddenly going to become benign towards us. We are going to have to do that ourselves.

– Kirsty Williams AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat leader


Big swing towards UKIP in Wales' general election

There's been a big swing to UKIP in the European election here.

The anti-EU party was less than five thousand votes behind Labour, who topped the poll. Both the Conservatives and Plaid Cymru also did well enough to keep their MEPs, leaving no overall change to the four Welsh seats in the European parliament.

Our political reporter Owain Phillips was at the count in Fishguard.


Deja vu as Wales winners re-elected

Wales' European elections produced a sense of deja vu after the 2009 poll winners all held on to their seats.

Labour grabbed the most votes with 206,332 - pipping Ukip by around just 4,300.

The Conservatives took third place with 127,742, and Plaid Cymru came home fourth with 11,864.

There was embarrassment for the Liberal Democrats, who trailed in sixth - lagging behind the Green Party.

However, despite the repeat run in MEP winners, the talking point of the night was Ukip's surge in popularity among voters.

Welsh political commentator Gareth Hughes said Labour and Tory tactics attacking Ukip for being "racist" seemed to have failed.

He said: "Rather than shrink the Ukip vote, the reverse happened and it consolidated support for the party.

"They also raised Farage's profile and confirmed him as the anti-establishment candidate."

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