Visitors turn out to see cobs' performance at Royal Welsh

The centrepiece of Wales' agricultural calendar, the Royal Welsh Show, runs from 21-24 July at the showground at Llanelwedd in Powys.

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Rare breed of sheep sees rise in numbers

Today we'll be meeting the competitors showing off the Hill Radnor Credit: ITV News

One of Britain's most endangered breeds of sheep may be seeing numbers rise, more than a decade after it was badly hit by the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001.

The Hill Radnor, as it's known, suffered heavy losses when the disease affected Radnorshire - this year's Royal Welsh Show host county.

Farmer Brian Rees says it's good news for the breed.


David Cameron talks to ITV News at Royal Welsh Show

David Cameron has announced plans to boost farming by committing his government to buying local produce wherever possible.

The Prime Minister made the announcement during a visit to the Royal Welsh Show.

The scheme only involves public services in England, the Welsh Government has its own similar plan - but David Cameron said it will still benefit farmers here.

Tesco defends British lamb stance after RWS protest

Farmers protesting outside the Tesco stand at the Royal Welsh Show

A spokesperson said the chain works with farmers to provide "great quality, affordable lamb".

We sell more British lamb than any other retailer, and we are proud to sell and promote British lamb to our millions of customers right across the UK.

This season we expect to sell more British lamb than ever before and over the next few weeks we are running fantastic half price promotions on British lamb in our stores.

– Tesco spokesperson

Cameron's Royal Welsh pledge on food

Prime Minister David Cameron, who's visiting the Royal Welsh Show at Llanelwedd, has announced plans for the UK Government to buy locally sourced seasonal food whenever possible. The Welsh Government already has a similar scheme.

In England, it's estimated that the public sector spends £1.2 billion a year on food, half of which is imported. The Prime Minister expects that most of the imported food could be replaced by British produce, much of it locally sourced.

No-one does more or works as hard in Wales and the rest of Britain today than our farmers. By opening up these contracts, we can help them create more jobs, invest in their businesses and make sure people in Wales have a healthier lifestyle. It’s a triple win –and will mean a brighter future for our country.

– Prime Minister David Cameron MP


David Cameron visits the Royal Welsh Show

Prime Minister David Cameron is visiting the Royal Welsh Show this morning.

Farmers protest over supermarket meat at Royal Welsh Show

Farmers affiliated with NFU Cymru have held a protest outside the Tesco base at the Royal Welsh Show.

Protesters outside the Tesco building Credit: Tom Sheldrick/ITV News

The campaigners accuse supermarkets of stocking too much meat from outside the UK and going back on pledges made after the horsemeat scandal.

ITV News asked Tesco representatives for a response, but they declined to comment.

Warnings over falling beef prices

The Royal Welsh Show begins today at Llanelwedd, with warnings over the future of the beef industry here on the agenda.

There is concern too much beef from abroad is stocking shelves of retailers. Credit: ITV Wales

Meat Promotion Wales says supermarkets and other retailers are stocking too much beef from outside the UK, having gone back on pledges to stock more British meat after the horsemeat scandal.

It says the amount received by farmers in Wales and around the UK has fallen meanwhile, with some paid up to £300 less per animal compared to last year.

The Welsh Retail Consortium, which represents retailers here, has responded by saying that beef prices are related to wider market conditions, and are projected to rise later in the year.

“Large quantities of imported beef products are now present in some UK retailers and we must presume – for want of a better explanation - it’s because it’s a penny or two cheaper than our own produce....The big danger for our industry is that some farmers will feel they have little choice other than to get out of beef altogether and that will be a tragedy, not only for our industry, but also for the consumer....Our message to the entire retail trade is simple - use our products or lose them."

– Dai Davies, chairman of Meat Promotion Wales
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