Honeymoon murderer killed after escaping from Antigua jail

Avie Howell, one of the men convicted of murdering Pontardawe couple Ben and Catherine Mullany on their honeymoon in Antigua, has been killed after escaping from prison.

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Honeymoon murderer killed in Antigua

A man convicted of killing Welsh newlyweds in Antigua has died after being shot by police while he was on the run from prison.

Ben and Catherine Mullany from Pontardawe were killed on their honeymoon in the Caribbean, just two weeks after they were married.

Avie Howell, who was jailed for life for murder, had escaped from prison but was shot while police tried to recapture him.


Avie Howell in hospital after being shot by police

Police in Antigua said Avie Howell was shot by officers, and is in hospital.

He was found in the countryside on the island, after going on the run from prison yesterday.

I can confirm Avie Howell has been caught. He was shot following a confrontation with officers.

I do not know the extent of his injuries at this stage, but he has been taken to hospital.

In the meantime, we would like to thank the public and the media for assisting us in locating Howell.

– Corporal Frankie Thomas, of The Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda

Honeymoon killer caught after escaping from prison

One of the men who killed Welsh newlyweds on their honeymoon has now been caught after escaping from prison in Antigua, police there have said.

Avie Howell is thought to have escaped from jail by jumping over a 30ft wall. Credit: PA

Officers say Avie Howell was shot during a confrontation with local officer in a remote part of the island an hour ago.

He had absconded from Antigua's jail yesterday.

Ben and Catherine Mullany were killed just two weeks after their wedding in Cilybebyll. Credit: PA

In 2011 he was sentenced to life in prison alongside accomplice Kaniel Martin for the murders of Ben and Catherine Mullany, from Pontardawe.

Escaped Antigua killer considered armed and dangerous

Authorities in Antigua say Avie Howell, convicted of the murder of Welsh newlyweds Ben and Catherine Mullany, and another escaped prisoner are considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

Image of authorities in Antigua at the hotel where the Mullanys were murdered.

It is understood Howell is due to stand trial later this year, accused of two other people.

Antiguan police corporal Frankie Thomas assured they were doing all they could to find them.

He said: "We have not yet had any confirmed sightings but we have had a lot of calls from the public. Antigua is a very small island and something does not stay a secret here for long."

"We remain very optimistic and confident we will find Avie Howell."

He urged anyone with information on Howell's whereabouts to contact police.

Mullany parents: We want killer back in prison

The parents of Ben Mullany, who was murdered along with his new wife Catherine on honeymoon in Antigua, say they want his escaped killer back in prison as soon as possible.

Avie Howell, one of two men convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison in 2011, has now escaped from prison on the Caribbean island.

Ben and Catherine Mullany were killed just two weeks after

Marilyn Mullany said: "I'm shocked at the way he has managed to escape."

Cynlais Mullany said: "We hope he is caught as soon as possible. We don't want him running loose."He has caused enough damage as it is and we want him back in prison as soon as possible."It seems incredible that he has managed to get over a 30ft wall to escape."


Couple's family 'extremely shocked' at killer's escape

The family of a South Wales couple who were murdered on their honeymoon in Antigua are said to be "extremely shocked" after one of their killers escaped from prison.

Ben and Catherine Mullany were married in Cilybebyll two weeks before they were killed. Credit: PA

Ben and Catherine Mullany were shot in their Caribbean hotel room in 2008.

Local men Avie Howell and Kaniel Martin were later convicted of the murders and sentenced to life imprisonment - but police in Antigua confirmed today that Howell has escaped from prison.

A source told the Press Association that Ben and the victims' family were concerned that one of the killers, Avie Howell, might flee the island.

They said: "You would have thought they would have kept him under lock and key."

Local MP Peter Hain said: "It is vital that Howell is hunted down urgently and brought back into jail.

He took part in a gruesome murder of a lovely young couple who had so much to give to their local community and also had a zest for life.

It is unthinkable that Howell is at large."

Mullany murderers were given life sentences in 2011

Avie Howell and Kaniel Martin, both from Antigua, were sentenced to life in prison in December 2011, after being found guilty of murdering Ben and Catherine Mullany on their honeymoon on the island in July 2008.

Avie Howell (left) and Kaniel Martin were given life sentences in 2011. Credit: PA

The 31-year-olds, from Pontardawe, celebrated their wedding in Cilybebyll just over a fortnight earlier.

They were both shot in the head in their chalet at the Cocos Hotel, while their killers escaped with their mobile phones, a digital camera and some cash.

Catherine died instantly, while Ben was flown home but died in hospital in Swansea a week later.

Howell and Martin were also found guilty of shooting a local shopkeeper.

Last year, Howell was handed an additional four-year sentence for a burglary he carried out just weeks before murdering Ben and Catherine Mullany.

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Honeymoon killer escapes from jail in Antigua

One of the men who killed a British couple on their Caribbean honeymoon has escaped from prison, police said.

Newlyweds Ben and Catherine Mullany, from Pontardawe, at their wedding. They were shot in their hotel room in Antigua. Credit: Press Association

Avie Howell, along with Kaniel Martin, was convicted of murdering newlyweds Ben and Catherine Mullay, from Pontardawe, South Wales, during their honeymoon in Antigua in 2008.

Counsellor Jamal Wright, based at St John's police station in Antigua, said the prisoner escaped along with another inmate by jumping over a 30ft wall.

"Avie Howell escaped from Her Majesty's Prison at about 6am on Thursday along with Kenroy Laurie Marshall.

"Apparently they used a sharp implement to cut out a portion of mesh and jumped over the northern prison wall, which is about 30ft high.

"I understand the victims' families will be very concerned,"

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