Welsh Secretary's St David's day devolution plan

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb says he hopes to publish a blueprint for change to the way that Wales is governed by Saint David's Day 2015

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PM's comments mean underfunding will go on say Plaid

Plaid Cymru says Wales will continue to lose out after the Prime Minister told MPs that there is no reform 'on the horizon' for the Barnett Formula, which limits any change in the funding that the UK Treasury gives to the Welsh Government.

The Prime Minister's confirmation that the unfair Barnett Formula is here to stay proves that Westminster just isn't working for Wales. If Wales received the same money as Scotland per head, we would have £1.2bn more per year to radically improve our schools, hospitals, roads and railways.

– Plaid Cymru MP Hywel Williams

Prime Minister rejects Wales funding change call

The Prime Minister has told MPs that change to the way that Wales is funded isn't 'on the horizon.' David Cameron said that the current arrangements will become less important as the Welsh Government gets more control over raising its own finances through taxes.

He was being questioned about the next steps for devolution by the chairs of committees in the House of Commons. Monmouth MP, David TC Davies, who chairs the Welsh Affairs committee, asked him if the so-called Barnett Formula will be scrapped.

You can see the Prime Minister's answer in the video below:


Appetite for change in Wales is palpable says Crabb

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb said the coming months provide a 'unique opportunity to reshape the future' of the United Kingdom. He told an event organised by the Institute of Welsh Affairs that the pressure for change is irresistible.

St David's day deadline for devolution blueprint

Stephen Crabb set out his plans during a speech organised by the Institute of Welsh Affairs Credit: ITV News, Adrian Masters

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb says he intends to publish a 'blueprint' for the next stages of devolution by Saint David's Day 2015. Speaking at an event in Cardiff organised by the Institute of Welsh Affairs, Mr Crabb said that cross-party talks he's holding are aimed at reaching an agreement on the way forward.

Through this cross-party process I intend to announce, by St David’s Day, a set of commitments, agreed by the four main political parties in Wales, on the way forward for Welsh devolution. Those commitments would form a basis, a “baseline”, for taking forward Welsh devolution after the General Election next May.

This means people in Wales will know, irrespective of which party wins the General Election, that an agreed set of commitments will be taken forward in the next Parliament. I am hopeful that we will be able to reach broad agreement on a way forward for Wales, and set a course which puts Welsh devolution on the right track for the future.

– Stephen Crabb MP, Secretary of State for Wales
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