Ex-leader of Japan calls for Wylfa nuclear plant plans to be scrapped

Ex-leader of Japan, Naoto Kan, is on Anglesey to meet the farmer refusing to sell his land to Wylfa. There are plans to build an £8 billion nuclear plant on the island.

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Wylfa protesters meet former Prime Minister of Japan

The Prime Minister of Japan at the time of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has been on Anglesey to give his support to campaigners against plans for a new nuclear power station at Wylfa.

Protestors meet former Japanese prime minister

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Protestors against the Wylfa Newydd power station have met with the former Prime Minister of Japan this morning.

Naoto Kan is in Llangefni to meet councillors and attend a public meeting about the nuclear plant. Protestors hope his visit will help highlight their campaign to stop the new plant being built on the island.


Nuclear plant on Anglesey will be 'delivered safely'

The company behind plans to build a nuclear power plant on Anglesey has said it will be "delivered safely".

Horizon Nuclear Power has sent an open letter to the former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who's on Anglesey campaigning to stop the plans.

In the letter, CEO at Horizon Alan Raymant, highlighted the safety record of the nuclear industry in the UK and globally. He also said nuclear power has played a key role in Anglesey’s recent history.

Mr Raymant also said an incident like that of Fukushima is not possible as there is no risk of a Tsunami on the island.

Naoto Kan was prime minister of Japan at the time of the Fukushima accident, which resulted in large radiation leaks.

It led to his resignation and he's since campaigned against nuclear power.

A repeat on Anglesey of the natural conditions that led to the Fukushima accident is not a credible possibility due to the absence of major seismic or tsunami risk. But we, and the UK regulators, are taking valuable lessons from that event to enhance safety even further.

We are privileged to enjoy support from Governments and elected representatives in Anglesey and in Wales more widely, from the local community and from the future workforce. But we are in no doubt that this support relies on clearly demonstrating that safety and security are at the core of what we do. We will not flinch from honest debate about nuclear power, but we remain determined to deliver Wylfa Newydd safely and to the benefit of the community.

– Alan Raymant, CEO Horizon Nuclear Power

Horizon Nuclear Power was formed in 2009 to develop new nuclear power stations in the UK. It was bought by Hitachi Ltd of Japan in November 2012.

The company is developing plans to build at least 5,400MW of new nuclear power generation plant at Wylfa on the Isle of Anglesey.

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