Queen presents new colours to the Royal Welsh

The Queen is in Cardiff today to present the Royal Welsh with new colours in a formal ceremony at the Millennium Stadium.

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Saluting soldier hits child in face as Queen passes

A saluting soldier accidentally hit a six-year-old girl in the face just after she had presented the Queen with flowers on a visit to Cardiff.

The Queen is given flowers by six-year-old Maisie Gregory just before the accident. Credit: PA

The Queen was given the posy by little Maisie Gregory as she attended a Colours Parade for the Royal Welsh Regiment at the Millennium Stadium.

Watch: The soldier knocks off the Welsh hat of the six-year-old in a saluting mishap:

As the Queen walked out of the room, a soldier standing next to Maisie saluted and accidentally struck her head with his gloved hand.

Maisie Gregory with her family after the mishap. Credit: Army Wales

Regimental Sergeant Major Martin Gregory said, "Maisie is absolutely fine. She was very excited to meet the Queen and there was a slight mishap. But she's quickly forgotten about it and we've had such a great day."


Queen visits Cardiff to present new colours to the Royal Welsh

The Queen is to visit Cardiff today and will be presenting the Royal Welsh with new colours in a formal ceremony at the Millennium Stadium.

Credit: PA

The presentation of new colours will be the final formal recognition of The Royal Welsh.

It was formed in 2006 after the merger of two regiments - the Royal Welch Fusiliers and the Royal Regiment of Wales.

The Regiment has served recently in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

After the Parade, Her Majesty will meet soldiers, families and those associated with the Regiment.

30 youngsters from Cardiff's Military Preparation College are to play their part in a Royal Ceremony.

They were nominated to be stewards for the event by their instructors.

Over 100 staff and students from all of the South Wales colleges will attend the parade.

Being part of this event hosted by Her Majesty the Queen is a real honour and privilege for our students. The overall experience, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity, will no doubt inspire them further to pursue a rewarding career in the military.

– Huw Lewis MBE, Military Preparation College,
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