Lord Elis-Thomas quits Plaid Cymru group in Assembly

The Dwyfor Meirionnydd AM was the leader of Plaid Cymru between 1984 and 1991. It's believed he has quit the party to become an independent AM.

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Lord Elis-Thomas: 'Plaid Cymru weren't responding sufficiently strongly to Brexit crisis'

Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas has told ITV News why he resigned from Plaid Cymru.

The former leader was frank in criticism of what he saw as Plaid Cymru's failure to respond "sufficiently strongly" to the challenges of Brexit - and has not ruled out joining the Welsh Government.


Welsh Conservatives say they will continue as "real opposition" after Lord Elis-Thomas' departure

The Welsh Conservatives have said they won't fight over the title of "official opposition" after news Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas was to quit Plaid Cymru's Assembly group.

In a statement the party said they would continue "holding the Welsh Government to account."

Credit: PA

Whilst the other parties tear themselves apart we will carry on with serious work of holding the Welsh Government to account on behalf of the public. In the last week alone we have highlighted serious concerns over the way the government is handling the M4 relief road, and raised doubts over the company driving forward the £370m Circuit of Wales project.

These are the kind of things that Welsh communities want their politicians to be focusing on and make no mistake, the Welsh Conservatives will continue to be the real opposition.

– Spokesperson, Welsh Conservatives

Plaid Cymru have said they will hold a by-election to replace Lord Elis-Thomas "at the earliest convenience."

Local party 'saddened' by Elis-Thomas quitting

Dafydd Elis-Thomas has left Credit: PA, Barry Batchelor

A spokesperson for Dafydd Elis-Thomas local party has issued this statement about his decision to quit Plaid Cymru in the Assembly.

We thank Dafydd Elis-Thomas for his work for the party and the constituency since 1974.

We are saddened and disappointed by his departure.

The local constituency committee now appeals to his conscience and requests that he stands down in order to allow for a byelection.

We will be making no further statements at present.

– Plaid Cymru Dwyfor Meirionnydd constituency spokesperson

Lord Elis-Thomas quits Plaid Cymru group in Assembly

Plaid Cymru have tonight confirmed that Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas has quit the party's Assembly Group.

Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas Credit: PA

The Dwyfor Meirionnydd is a former leader of Plaid Cymru.

Responding to his decision, a party spokesperson said consituents can expect a by-election at the "earliest convenience".

Plaid Cymru will begin the process of selecting a new candidate in Dwyfor Meirionydd following Dafydd Elis-Thomas's decision to leave the Plaid Cymru Assembly group.

– Plaid Cymru party spokesperson
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