50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster

On 21 October 1966, a colliery spoil tip collapsed onto the village of Aberfan, engulfing Pantglas Junior School and neighbouring houses.

116 children and 28 adults were killed.

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School ensures Aberfan legacy lives on in next generation

For those families that lost loved ones, how Wales remembers the Aberfan disaster has always been difficult - particularly within those communities which continue to bear a raw grief.

One school, close to the events of that fateful day, is finding ways to help the next generation learn and reflect - and hoping to ensure those short lives lost leave a long legacy.

Assembly Members to hold minute silence for Aberfan

Credit: PA

Welsh Assembly Members will today hold a minute silence to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Aberfan disaster.

On 21st October 1966, 144 people died, including 116 children, when a colliery waste tip collapsed onto the local primary school.

It was a tragedy that shocked the world.

It is right that Wales’s parliament pays its respect on the 50th anniversary of this tragedy but we are conscious that for the community of Aberfan, it is a tragedy that they live with day in, day out. The Aberfan community’s resilience in adversity demonstrates the ability of hope to triumph even in tragedy.

– Elin Jones AM, Welsh Assembly Presiding Officer


Hywel choirs perform Myfanwy in tribute to victims of the Aberfan disaster

Events have taken place this weekend to commemorate the Aberfan disaster, ahead of the 50th anniversary on Friday.

A colliery waste tip collapsed onto the village on October 21 1966, engulfing the local primary school and killing 144 people, 116 of them children.

The Hywel Girls' Choir and Boys Singers from Llanelli performed Myfanwy as a special tribute at St David's Cathedral on Saturday night.

Catch up on The Aberfan Young Wives' Club

If you missed ITV's documentary on The Aberfan Young Wives' Club, you can catch up here.

The programme looks at how the spirit of Aberfan has endured since the tragic day on 21st October 1966 when the catastrophic collapse of a colliery spoil tip killed 116 children and 28 adults in the village's Pantglas Junior School.

The story of the disaster and its aftermath is told through the eyes of seven women who are part of the Aberfan Young Wives Group.

They came together in the depths of grief and have been meeting every week for the past 50 years.

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