Second election poll finds Labour support increases but Tories still ahead

An ITV Wales opinion poll has found that Labour is fighting back in Wales –but the Conservatives are still on course for an historic triumph at the general election.

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Plaid Cymru: 'The future of our nation is at risk'

Commenting on the ITV Cymru Wales poll Plaid Cymru said it offered a "glimpse" of a future which could await Wales.

No one should forget that Tory ideology is all about privatising and cutting public services. That means longer waiting lists, poorer education and increased child poverty. We know what they are about because we remember the Tories' record in Wales.

With an increased mandate the Tories will privatise, cut and power-grab from our Assembly so that Wales's ability to defend its own people will be reduced.

We face a defining period for our country. Now is the time for people to get behind their local Plaid Cymru candidate to elect strong voices to speak up for Wales in Westminster.

Labour to date has failed to do that and Wales has been ignored as a result. These polls tell us that Labour's divisions mean they won't be able to stop the Tories in this election.

The only way to defend Wales from Tory attacks is to send the maximum number of Plaid Cymru MPs to London on June 8.

– Plaid Cymru
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