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David Cameron visits the Royal Welsh Show

Prime Minister David Cameron is visiting the Royal Welsh Show this morning.

Farmers protest over supermarket meat at Royal Welsh Show

Farmers affiliated with NFU Cymru have held a protest outside the Tesco base at the Royal Welsh Show.

Protesters outside the Tesco building Credit: Tom Sheldrick/ITV News

The campaigners accuse supermarkets of stocking too much meat from outside the UK and going back on pledges made after the horsemeat scandal.

ITV News asked Tesco representatives for a response, but they declined to comment.


Warnings over falling beef prices

The Royal Welsh Show begins today at Llanelwedd, with warnings over the future of the beef industry here on the agenda.

There is concern too much beef from abroad is stocking shelves of retailers. Credit: ITV Wales

Meat Promotion Wales says supermarkets and other retailers are stocking too much beef from outside the UK, having gone back on pledges to stock more British meat after the horsemeat scandal.

It says the amount received by farmers in Wales and around the UK has fallen meanwhile, with some paid up to £300 less per animal compared to last year.

The Welsh Retail Consortium, which represents retailers here, has responded by saying that beef prices are related to wider market conditions, and are projected to rise later in the year.

“Large quantities of imported beef products are now present in some UK retailers and we must presume – for want of a better explanation - it’s because it’s a penny or two cheaper than our own produce....The big danger for our industry is that some farmers will feel they have little choice other than to get out of beef altogether and that will be a tragedy, not only for our industry, but also for the consumer....Our message to the entire retail trade is simple - use our products or lose them."

– Dai Davies, chairman of Meat Promotion Wales

Final preparations for Royal Welsh Show

Final preparations are being made before the 2014 Royal Welsh Show gets underway at Llanelwedd, in Powys, tomorrow.

Organisers hope close to quarter of a million visitors are going to descend on the showground between Monday and Thursday.

Last year saw a new record attendance of 241,781. Visitors came from 40 different countries, and included new grandfather Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Organisers the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society say this year's show is going to be just as impressive.

The livestock classes and special awards have attracted an unprecedented 8,000 entries, and there will be more than 1,000 trade stands.

Displays will include the King's Troop of the Royal Horse Artillery, with six horses pulling First World War saluting guns, to commemorate the centenary of the conflict.


Judgement 'a humiliation' for UK Government - Labour

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith has claimed that the UK Government wasted "huge amounts of court time and taxpayers money on a pointless court case" when the Attorney General referred Welsh farm wages legislation to the Supreme Court.

I congratulate the Welsh Labour Government for standing up for social justice and Labour values in Wales, by fighting to ensure that low paid agricultural workers get a fairer deal. This second judgement in favour of the Welsh Labour Government is a humiliation for the Tory led UK Government. So determined were the Tories to slash wages of low paid agricultural workers in Wales that they allowed it to cloud their judgement.

– Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith MP

Mr Smith also said that the ruling shows the need for Labour's proposal that the Assembly is put on the same "reserved powers" basis as Scotland. It would spell out what the Assembly could not do.

Meanwhile the Welsh Secretary, David Jones, gave his reaction, concentrating on how the judges have rejected a narrow interpretation of the Assembly's powers.

The Government is grateful to the Supreme Court for providing clarity on this issue. In its judgment, the court has favoured a broader interpretation of the provisions in the Government of Wales Act that govern the Assembly’s competence.

We now need to study the judgment in detail and consider its implications. The Government is committed to working with the Welsh Government for the benefit of Wales and will continue to make every effort to ensure that the legislative arrangements for Welsh devolution work effectively.

– Secretary of State for Wales David Jones MP
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