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Cardiff flying a flag for Armed Forces

The Cardiff ceremony is one of hundreds being held. Credit: Oliver Berg/DPA/PA Images

An event will be held today in Cardiff to honour servicemen and women past and present.

The flag-raising ceremony, on the corner bastion of the city's castle wall, is part of of a UK-wide initiative that marks the beginning of Armed Forces Week.

The Lord Mayor will be joined by veterans, cadets and members of the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Airforce.

The event is one of hundreds taking place today throughout the UK.

Elsewhere RAF Personnel from MOD St Athan will parade through Barry to commemorate 75 years of the Royal Air Force in South Wales and the 40th Anniversary of being granted the Freedom of the Vale of Glamorgan.

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Former soldier's round-the-UK charity scooter trek

Mark Newton on his modified mobility scooter Credit: ITV Yorkshire

A former soldier, who is circumnavigating the country with his two cats on an 8mph electric scooter, has reached the Yorkshire coast.

Mark Newton's journey has already taken him more than 20,000 miles, after he set off from Loch Gilphead in Scotland last April.

And his epic low-speed trip has raised more than £16,000 for army charities including Help for Heroes and the SSAFA and the RNLI.

Mr Newton, who is from Swansea, retired from the Army in 1991 after he injured his leg while on duty with the UN in Cyprus.

Mark Newton Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The former tank driver, who sleeps with his two cats in a small trailer pulled by his modified mobility scooter, is visiting every RNLI lifeboat house in the country.

Mr Newton and his cats, who are happy to be walked on a lead when he stops, was met at Scarborough Lifeboat station by about 75 members of the Royal British Legion riders' branch, who were in the town for an annual meeting.

He will continue driving south to Bridlington, via Filey on Wednesday. He intends to finish his journey on August 24.


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Catch-up: Wales This Week, After the Fall

Watch Wales This Week, After the Fall, by clicking in the window above.

Thirty years ago a team from Wales This Week were in Northern Ireland, filming with the soldiers of the Royal Regiment of Wales, when an explosion was heard nearby.

News soon followed that private Andrew Bull, from Nant y Glo in Gwent had been caught in a bomb blast on the Falls Road, West Belfast.

Wales This Week have followed Andrew's Story for the past thirty years. Tonight, Andrew returns to the scene of the explosion and speaks to Wales this Week about his life, After the Fall.

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Andrew Bull, 30 years on

Andrew's injuries were extensive and critical Credit: Andrew bull

On the 23rd November 1983, a team from Wales This Week were completing their final day of filming with the soldiers of the Royal Regiment of Wales in Belfast.

As the day drew to a close, an explosion was heard which echoed through the city.

Private Andrew Bull from Nant y Glo in Gwent had been caught in a bomb blast, while on a routine patrol along the Falls Road, in the West of the city.

The explosion left him severely injured and in a critical condition.

Some months later, though blind and severely scarred, Andrew had pulled through the worst of his injuries and Wales This Week caught up with him to hear his account of what had happened that night.

Now, thirty years on, Andrew Bull returns to the Falls Road in Belfast for the first time, this time re living those near fatal moments through the eyes of his wife Nicola.

Wales This Week, After the Fall is on tonight at 8 on ITV Cymru Wales

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