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Wylfa decision 'not good news' says Plaid AM

Dafydd Elis-Thomas, the only candidate in the Plaid Cymru leadership contest to support Wylfa B, has reacted to the withdrawal of plans for a new nuclear power station. He was chairing the Assembly's environment committee, which was due to hear from the scheme's backers.

They didn't appear in the Senedd and Lord Elis -Thomas broke the news to Stephen Churchman of the anti-nuclear local authorities. Mr Churchman said it was good news. 'Well it may be for you but it's not for me' was the Plaid Cymru AM's reaction.


Ieuan's last day

It's not the most controversial motion ever to be debated in the Senedd but that's not why Plaid Cymru have tabled it. It's more a salute to the man who has led them since 2000. The Assembly is being asked to agree that it:

Welcomes the progress made in securing enhanced devolved powers resulting from the successful referendum in 2011; recognises the widespread support for further devolution; and looks forward to further advances in the devolution of powers, including fiscal responsibility.

The idea is to provide a platform for Ieuan Wyn Jones to give his final speech as party leader and if opposition politicians are so inclined to join Plaid Cymru AMs in singing his praises.