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First Minister wants 'full access to single market' after Brexit

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

First Minister Carwyn Jones has received the backing of Scottish and Northern Irish leaders in getting access to the EU single market after Brexit.

At a meeting of the British-Irish council here in Wales, leaders were trying to emphasise their common ground - but differences also exist - as Owain Phillips found out.


  1. Adrian Masters

UK and Irish leaders to focus energies on energy

Wales could buy some of its power in future from energy generated by windfarms in Ireland, according to the Irish Prime Minister. Speaking after a meeting of the British-Irish council in Cardiff Castle, Enda Kenny said such an arrangement was 'a real possibility.'

The leaders agreed to make energy their next priority but the focus of this meeting was on the need for spending on big construction projects. That was something recognised by the UK Government which has made £40bn available for projects across the UK according to the Welsh Secretary David Jones.

You can see what First Minister Carwyn Jones, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, Welsh Secretary David Jones and Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon all said when I asked them what specific proposals today's meeting of British-Irish Council had come forward with in the video below: