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Wildlife park closes as lynx search continues

Borth Wild Animal Kingdom has closed temporarily, as the search continues for an escaped lynx.

The lynx, Lilleth, is described as being roughly twice the size of an average cat with a distinctive “thick, stubby tail”.

In a post on their Facebook page, the park said, “We are closing the zoo tomorrow to allow all of our staff to dedicate their time to hunt for Lilleth.”

The feline, “has been spotted several times on the hill behind the zoo”, according to the zoo although it has not been baited into any of the traps set up for her.

It confirmed a funnel trap will be used in order to capture her as "humanely as possible."

The zoo added it would like to avoid drugging the young Eurasian lynx unless necessary, with trained marksmen with dart guns available if needed.

Liberal Democrats on brink of Welsh wipeout

There's a recount underway in Ceredigion, where Plaid Cymru have been narrowly ahead. If the recount confirms that result, it will mean that despite a slump in support in much of Wales, Plaid will have increased its number of MPs from three to four. The Liberal Democrats would be left with no Welsh MPs. The Lib Dems and their predecessors have always had Welsh representation at Westminster since the Victorian era.


Ceredigion 'four way fight'

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Plaid sources are suggesting that speculation that Ceredigion's students have turned to Labour and its retirees to the Conservatives might be proven right. The Plaid-Lib Dem fight of recent decades has suddenly become more complicated.

Trick or Heat! Wales enjoys warmest Halloween on record

Wales enjoys its warmest October 31 on record last night, with the mercury rising to 22.2C (71.96C) in Trawsgoed, Ceredigion, and remaining in the high teens for many other areas.

Wales saw the warmest Halloween on record. Credit: PA

The temperatures are significantly higher than the 12C-13C (53.6F-55.4F) maximum UK average for the month of October.

Maximum day temperatures for Halloween in previous years are 20.8C (69.4F) in 2015, 23.6C (74.5C) in 2014, 15C (59F) in 2013 and 13.8C (56.8F) in 2012.

However, the weather is set to return to normal later this week with the appearance of some wintry showers.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for fog from today for parts of Wales.

This could mean visibility is reduced to between 50 and 100 metres in some areas.

There will be a big change from the very mild weather that we've had over the last few days to much cooler but much more typical weather for the time of year. It's really just coming back down to what you'd expect for the end of October, start of November.

– Tom Crocker, Met Office forecaster

Man dies after car drives over cliff edge

A 42-year-old man has died after the car he was in drove over a cliff.

Credit: PA images

Police were called to the incident in Mwnt, Cardigan just before 8pm on Friday, after reports a car had left a field and landed at the bottom of the cliff.

The man, from North Wales, was pronounced dead at the scene.

His family have been informed and are being supported by officers.

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