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Children must be 'encouraged to ask for help'

In Wales, there are:

  • 183 volunteers needed
  • 1,582 schools to visit
  • 280,000 children to speak to

It is so important that children are encouraged to ask for help if they are in distress, and that they know ChildLine is there to support them. I found it really moving to hear an assembly of children recite our number, 0800 1111, and then watch them having fun learning to express the ChildLine number in sign language. But it's more than just fun. As a result of our work so far, we have already found that some young children have been able for the first time to disclose abuse and have been protected from it.

– Esther Rantzen, Founder and President of ChildLine

ChildLine appeals for volunteers to visit schools

The children's helpline ChildLine is beginning a new drive to visit every primary school in Wales - and the rest of the UK - to help youngsters understand what abuse is, and how they can stay safe.

It's appealing for volunteers to deliver the message in schools and workshops, as it tries to reach every school by 2016. The Schools Service aims to encourage children to recognise situations where they might need help, and tell them ways of accessing it.

ChildLine says this could help bring about 'a long term reduction in child cruelty' Credit: ChildLine