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Chris Bryant: 'The truth is that concussion can kill'

Speaking ahead of today's roundtable in Parliament, Chris Bryant MP said:

There are many misconceptions about concussion, but the truth is that concussion can kill and too few coaches, players and parents know enough to protect players, especially in collision sports.

Following the head injury Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris sustained at Goodison Park back in November, I promised to establish a cross-party campaign in Parliament to raise awareness of this important issue.

As a Welshman, rugby fan and former player for the Parliamentary rugby team, I'm concerned that not enough is being done to ensure players and coaches are aware of the dangers from concussion.

– Chris Bryant MP (Labour)


Tanni Grey-Thompson: 'Concussion in sport is a serious issue'

Sport and physical activity is a fantastic thing to be involved in, but concussion in sport is a serious issue and it is time that not just 'Sports', but everyone who is involved in sport thinks about how we tackle this.

This includes coaches, parents and also the medical profession. We need to find a way that children and adults can participate, have fun but also be safe.

– Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

Campaign highlights dangers of concussion in sport

The campaign hopes to improve research into the long term effects of concussion in sport Credit: PA

A new campaign is being launched to raise awareness of the dangers of concussion in sport.

Today Chris Bryant MP (Labour), and Baroness Grey-Thompson (Crossbencher) will chair a Parliamentary roundtable looking at the issue.

Members of the English and Scottish Rugby Unions, the Football Association and the Professional Footballer's Association will attend the roundtable, as well as leading concussion campaigners Lewis Moody, Rory Lamont and Peter Robinson.

It's hoped today's roundtable will be a chance for key figures in the sporting world to discuss what more can be done to ensure players of all levels of sport, play in a competitive but safe environment.