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Incinerator now burning waste but still fuelling debate

ITV Cymru Wales has had a first look inside Cardiff's modern incinerator since it started operating earlier this year.

The plant will burn up to 350 thousand tonnes of household waste a year and is now running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The site says the burning process is safe and effective but environmentalists argue it's the wrong answer to our waste problems and the health effects are still unknown.

Watch Alexandra Lodge's report:

Meet Ramsey Island's new residents

Wildlife lovers have gone to unusual measures to attract puffins to the remote Ramsey island off the Pembrokeshire coast.

They have installed a flock of fibreglass puffins, which they hope will encourage the rare sea birds to the island.

The island used to be home to thousands of puffins Credit: Wales News Service

Volunteers have also wired up loudspeakers which will play the birds' mating calls in the hope that it will lure the birds.

Ramsay Island was once home to thousands of puffins in the 1800s but they left when rats managed to find their way onto the island from a ship wreck.

The RSPB hope that these new measures will encourage new birds to stay and nest on the island.

Crackdown continues on illegal fishing and poaching

Valuable salmon and sea trout are often targeted by illegal anglers Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

Almost 140 people have been prosecuted in the last 12 months in an ongoing battle against illegal fishing and poaching.

The anglers were caught committing a range of offences, from not having a rod licence to illegal netting and cruel 'foul hooking', which involves dragging hooks through the water at high speed in an attempt to impale fish on the hooks.

All but three of the 139 cases resulted in successful prosecutions and combined fines of £18,468, as well as the confiscation of equipment.

Natural Resources Wales warns illegal fishing is damaging to the angling industry, which is worth more than £150 million to the Welsh economy.

A spokesperson said: "Angling helps protect the environment, is a big draw for tourism and plays a major role in the local economy.

"It's important that we continue to crack down on illegal fishing activity so that it remains sustainable for licensed fisherman."

Thousand year old tree hoping for modern day award

The Oak at the Gate of the Dead. 2014 European Tree of the Year entrant Credit: Rob Shelley, ITV News Wales

Voting has opened for the European Tree of the Year competition and Wales has high hopes for its entrant.

The Oak at the Gate of the Dead sits right in the gateway to the Ceiriog Valley at Castle Mill right on Offas Dyke.

The tree, which is reporter to be between 750 and 1200 years old witnessed a the legendary battle of Crogen in 1165, where an invading English Army was ambushed by Welsh forces in the area.

People are able to vote for the tree, or any others, throughout the whole of February, on the website

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