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Bonnie's Eurovision result 'won't surprise' UK viewers

Speaking directly after the Eurovision final, television critic Leigh Holmwood said it would not come as a surprise to UK viewers that Bonnie Tyler did not place highly in the competition.

"The bookies never expected it," he told ITV News.

The Swansea singer had been placed at odds of 50-1 to win Eurovision with her song 'Believe In Me'.



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Bonnie wows thousands ahead of Eurovision

11,000 people were in the Malmo Arena for last night's performance ahead of the big show tonight

Bonnie Tyler has taken part in the final dress rehearsal for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest - and was given one of the biggest cheers.

For the first time, all finalists marched into the arena together to open the show.

Bonnie may not win but is popular among many supporters.

Welsh fans proudly waved flags as Bonnie entered the arena, and when she sang she was given one of the loudest rounds of applause.

Earlier she told ITV News she had 'almost been brought to tears' at the support from fans in the UK.

11,000 people were in the Malmo Arena for the performance last night in Sweden. Today the final technical run-through will take place before the big show tonight.

Swansea set for Eurovision party

Neath-born Bonnie Tyler is representing the UK at this year's Eurovision Credit: Joerg Carstensen/dpa

Eurovision fans are gearing up to support Bonnie Tyler in tonight's competition. Preparations are underway for a party in Swansea city centre to coincide with the festivities.

The Neath-born singer takes to the stage in Sweden tonight to perform this year's entry 'Believe in Me.'

Swansea Council is organising an event in Castle Square from 6.30pm before the competition is shown on a big screen.

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