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FSA: 'We are not saying there is a problem with lamb'

The advert does show some delicious-looking lamb in a strange setting. We are not saying there is a problem with lamb.

We are simply reminding consumers to check hygiene standards when eating out, and not just the appearance of an establishment, as this could be deceptive.

We trust the intelligence of the public on this one. We don’t think anyone will be put off eating lamb by this advert.

– Food Standards Agency spokesperson


Farmers' union slams poster showing lamb chop in urinal

The poster is part of campaign to get people to look for outlets' food hygiene ratings. Credit: Food Standards Agency

Welsh farmers have criticised a campaign by the Food Standards Agency which shows a lamb chop placed in the bottom of a urinal.

"We are appalled that lamb has been singled out to portray such a negative and extreme message", Farmers' Union of Wales president Emyr Jones said.

The union has demanded that the FSA removes the images from all public places immediately.

Scientist resigns over Badger Cull U-turn

The Farmers' Union of Wales claims that the resignation of a scientist from the Welsh Government’s bovine TB eradication programme highlights what it calls the 'flawed nature' of the u-turn on holding a badger cull. Prof Chris Pollock is an expert in biological, environmental and rural sciences.

Vaccination is effectively untried so you are exchanging an approach which has a track record of success in Ireland and elsewhere with one not really tried at all.

– Prof Chris Pollock

Environment Minister John Griffiths halted a cull in Pembrokeshire and ordered vaccination instead. He's accepted the professor's resignation with regret. The shadow minister, Antoinette Sandbach, says it's damning for the minister to lose the confidence of one of his scientific advisors.