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Trick-or-treating advice from North Wales Police

Trick-or-treaters have been issued with a list from North Wales Police to ensure that they have a safe Halloween.

For many Police forces across Wales, Halloween is one of their busiest nights of the year.

  • Always go trick or treating with an adult.
  • Only go to houses where your friends know the residents.
  • Don't knock on doors where there is a sign saying 'NO callers'.
  • Stay in areas that are lit with streetlights - take a torch with you just in case.
  • Stay with your friends - don't split up unless an adult goes with you.
  • Don't talk to strangers on the street.
  • Don't enter any house, stay on the doorstep.
  • Be careful not to frighten elderly people.
  • Always look carefully before crossing the road, even if you are part of a group.
  • Be visible.
  • Remember: be polite on Halloween night.

Halloween messages tweeted by police force

Police issue Halloween anti-social behaviour appeal

Traditionally Halloween is one of the busiest nights for police. Credit: PA

Police forces across Wales are issuing Halloween appeals on what is traditionally one of their busiest nights. South Wales Police says it will be putting on extra patrols and reassurance visits to reduce the number of anti social behaviour incidents.

Operation Be A Nice Guy (BANG) will see officers reassuring the communities that everything possible is being done to ensure that the tricks and excitement of both events do not turn into anything more disturbing. Police officers will be actively patrolling the Cardiff Bus network.

Inspector Andy Smith said, "Residents can be rest assured that we will not tolerate those who use Halloween and Bonfire night as an excuse to indulge in criminal or reckless behaviour, and there will be a very visible police presence on the streets of Cardiff."

Police say they will also be patrolling buses over Halloween and Bonfire night. Credit: PA

Gwent Police says it will be tweeting every Halloween-related incident that it receives. The nine-hour Twitter Takeover will give Gwent Police social media followers a taste of the type of calls that it receives until midnight.


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