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Cameron: Labour hit back at 'smears'

Welsh Labour have responded to David Cameron's Llandudno speech, claiming the Prime Minister had 'a damned cheek to peddle half-truths and smears'. In his speech, the Prime Minister attacked the Welsh government's record on health and education.

David Cameron has a damned cheek to come to Wales and lecture people here about Nye Bevan and our NHS. Last May, the people of Wales overwhelmingly backed Welsh Labour's vision for the NHS and comprehensively rejected the market-driven nonsense espoused by David Cameron.

The reason for this was simple. Welsh Labour believes in an NHS that remains true its founding principles. David Cameron and the Tories want to break it up and privatise it.

– Labour AM Jenny Rathbone

We oppose the Tory-obsession for a model of education that's driven by antagonism and competition. It's why we've rejected academies and so-called free schools.

Welsh Labour has maintained faith in the comprehensive model of education because it delivers for all our children.

That's what the people of Wales voted for in the Assembly elections last May. We have a mandate from the people for our policies - David Cameron doesn't."

– Labour AM Lynne Neagle