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Wales is 'open for business'

Economy Cabinet Secretary Ken Skates will today meet with so-called 'anchor companies' in South Wales to deliver a message of business confidence for Wales.

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The Clwyd South AM is looking to reassure businesses based in Wales that the Welsh Government is committed to supporting growth and investment.

Last week we announced a business confidence plan and a new Growth and Prosperity Fund to help Welsh SMEs invest with confidence. This week I will be meeting some of the major businesses operating in Wales that make a significant contribution to the Welsh economy in terms of investment and jobs.

– Ken Skates, Economy Cabinet Secretary

This follows Mr Skates' announcement that the Welsh Government has launched a European hotline to help Welsh businesses to navigate any uncertainty and plan for the future.


Tory leader dismisses 'dodgy maths' claim

Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies has hit back at accusations of 'dodgy maths' levelled at him by a Labour AM Ken Skates. Mr Davies said figures he used to criticise Welsh Government spending on the NHS were accurate.

I think Ken Skates may be rather embarrassed to know that the figure of £800 million is an official figure provided by the Members Research Service here in the National Assembly. He would have access to that information in the same way that all of his Assembly colleagues are. Perhaps he might like to check next time.

The specific figure is actually £814.3 million being cut from the NHS in Wales over a period of 5 years. We will continue to campaign against Labour’s swingeing cuts and for the proper investment that the health service needs and deserves.

– Andrew RT Davies AM, Leader of the Opposition

Welsh Tories accused of 'dodgy maths'

Welsh Conservatives in the Assembly have been accused of repeatedly using 'dodgy figures.' Labour AM Ken Skates said the Opposition Leader at first claimed health service cuts amounted to £500m and later said the figure was £800m and listed other wide variations in figures quoted by Tory politicians

It's time Andrew RT Davies and his colleagues went back to school for some lessons in basic arithmetic as his party's figures simply don't add up.

How the Tory Group leader can somehow magic up an extra £300 million worth of NHS cuts in just a couple of months simply beggars belief.

– Ken Skates AM, Labour

Welsh Government told to keep watching the broadcasters

A report from Assembly Members has told the Welsh Government that it must get involved in safeguarding Welsh television programmes. A committee chaired by Labour AM Ken Skates also calls for action on radio and newspapers. The main recommendations include:

  • An independent forum to advise on media policy and the devolution of broadcasting.
  • The current ITV Wales service to be the minimum requirement for the renewal of the Channel 3 licence.
  • Opportunities for a Wales-specific Channel 3 licence should be explored.
  • S4C funding should be kept under review
  • BBC Wales political coverage should be kept under review, in the light of budget cuts.
  • Continued support for community radio.
  • The media regulator Ofcom to have specific Welsh language duties.
  • Engagement with newspaper companies to provide a viable response to job losses and newspaper closures.