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Lib Dems concede likely Brecon & Radnorshire defeat

By Nick Hartley, Brecon & Radnorshire

Welsh Liberal Democrat sources have conceded they are set to lose their hold on Brecon & Radnorshire to the Conservative party in one of Wales' most closely contest seats.

The mid-Wales constituency has been under the leadership of Roger Williams since 2001 and a party seat since 1997, but it is on course to see a 3,747 majority overturned in favour of Welsh Conservative candidate Chris Davies.

A loss would heap further angst on what exit polls have suggested will be painful night for the Liberal Democrats right across Britain.

The result is expected around 0300 BST.


  1. Nick Powell

Lib Dem vote drops in Ceredigion but Plaid make no advance

Although Mark Williams saw his support drop to just over a third of the vote in Ceredigion, after getting half in 2010. But his main opponent -Plaid's Mike Parker- failed to improve on his party's performance last time. On a dreadful night for the Liberal Democrats, Mark Williams' achievement is all the greater in a seat that Plaid Cymru lost to him ten years ago. It's also worth noting that Labour Conservatives and UKIP all got around 10% in a seat where the Greens also saved their deposit.


Lib Dems: 'Imagine we'll take a hit in Pontypridd'

By James Crichton-Smith, Pontypridd

Mike Powell, Lib Dem candidate, said on arrival at the count tonight that he is "feeling tired" after "a long campaign".

He said there had been a lot of positives on the streets and not many negatives.

Mr Powell added: "It's just a case of seeing what decision has been made on the ballot. It's difficult after five years in a coalition government. Difficult decisions have been made and a lot of pain inflicted, not because we wanted to do it but because it needed to be done."

When asked about his expectations for tonight's result, he said: "I'm not going to second-guess the count. I imagine we're going to take a hit. We're nothing if not resilient in the Valleys. We'll pick ourselves up tomorrow, dust ourselves down and start again."

Lib Dems leader cooks up a curry in Cardiff

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has warned that voters could be forced back to the polls before Christmas.

On a visit to Cardiff Mr Clegg warned that only a coalition involving his party could provide "stable" government after the May 7th vote.

Any attempt by the Conservatives or Labour to run a minority government with the support of parties such as Ukip or the SNP would be "a shambles" and would force voters back to the polls he predicted.

Credit: PA

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez watches her husband Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg making a curry during their visit to the restaurant Dabbawalla in Cardiff while on the General Election campaign trail.

The era of the single party government is over. It’s time for the people of Wales to decide who they want in Government. There is a huge amount at stake. The only way to keep Wales safe, stable and fair is with Liberal Democrats in government.

– Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrats

Lib Dems set out 'red line' over public sector pay rise

The Liberal Democrats have said that they would demand a pay increase for public sector workers, as part of any coalition deal.

The party have announced what they describe as a final 'red line' for post-election negotiations.

The Lib Dems want to introduce a minimum pay increase in line with inflation for two years from 2016-17.

This is a major commitment that will benefit thousands of people in Wales. No party will win an overall majority in this election and it is vital that parties are open and upfront about what they would do in a coalition.

Liberal Democrats will not enter a coalition with a party not prepared to back pay rises for people working in the public sector.

Public sector workers have made enough sacrifices to help our country get back on track. Only Liberal Democrat MPs can guarantee an end to further cuts to pay.

– Roger Williams, Welsh Liberal Democrats

Nick Clegg promotes carer help plan on Powys visit

Nick Clegg has been in Powys today, promoting the Liberal Democrats' promise of help for carers.

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below:

Visiting a care home in Talgarth, near Brecon, Nick Clegg praised carers as "unsung heroes".

The party's UK manifesto includes a plan to give carers a £250 bonus by 2020, along with raising the amount carers can earn before losing their carers' allowance.

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