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Lessons learnt from Lynette White inquiry, says police watchdog

Wales' Independent Police Complaints Commissioner has published an overview of his supervision of the police investigation into the Lynette White miscarriage of justice investigation.

Tom Davies says lessons have been learnt from the "groundbreaking investigation" which will guide future investigations into serious misconduct.

I carefully considered the need for a full investigation which would carry with it the confidence of the public, as well as Lynette White's family and the Cardiff Five.

In the end I decided that South Wales Police had to actively engage with the public in Wales to try and restore its reputation and I decided the most effective way to do this would be for the force itself to carry out the investigation. I believe that the subsequent investigation I supervised has met that test.

An Independent Advisory Group, which comprised a number of leading academics and members of the local community, chaired by Professor Margaret Griffiths, played a key part. I want to play tribute to their invaluable role in acting as a critical friend and ensuring that key decisions were carefully scrutinised before being acted upon.

This was a groundbreaking investigation and many lessons have been learnt from this to guide future historical crime and serious misconduct investigations and improve police practice in future.

– Tom Davies, Independent Police Complaints Commissioner for Wales

No Lynette White police corruption inquiry

Lynette White was murdered in 1988 Credit: ITV News Wales

Lawyers for the three men wrongly convicted of the murder of Lynette White in 1988 say the Home Office has confirmed they won't hold a public inquiry into the handling of the police corruption trial that followed.

Lynette White was working as a prostitute in Cardiff Bay when she was stabbed to death on Valentine's Day in 1988.

The wrongful conviction of three men, the so-called 'Cardiff Three', led to a failed police corruption case in 2011.

In a statement today The Home Office said: '“The Home Secretary has decided there should be no further inquiry or review at this stage into the matters surrounding the collapse of the 2011 trial.

“The Home Secretary will review her decision upon the completion of a related investigation being undertaken by Devon and Cornwall Police on behalf of South Wales Police.”

Lynette White: Police 'fully committed' to working with IPCC/CPS investigation

A South Wales Police spokesperson says the force is continuing to help the CPS and IPCC investigation into circumstances that led to the collapse of the trial of eight officers involved in the Lynette White murder investigation.

In the case of the police, the Chief Constable referred these matters and related complaints to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Since then, South Wales Police has remained fully committed to supporting and engaging with the work of the IPCC and Her Majesty's Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate.

Whilst the findings of these enquiries have not yet been published, the professionalism of our investigations remains a priority and is continuously reviewed.

– South Wales Police