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'Very real concern' over risk of mumps

Public Health Wales is warning that there could be an outbreak of mumps here, because too many young people have still not had an MMR vaccination.

In Wales, there have been the following confirmed cases of mumps:

  • 76 so far this year, until the end of May
  • 88 for the whole of 2012
  • 77 for the whole of 2011

More than 50,000 unscheduled MMR vaccinations have been given across Wales since the outbreak of measles began. The public health body says young people between 10 and 18 have been hardest hit by the outbreak - and there are still 35,000 in this age group unvaccinated.

There is a very real concern that while we have too few people aged 10 to 18 vaccinated with MMR in Wales, they are at risk of mumps as well as measles.Mumps is always circulating in Wales but the number of cases we have seen this year is particularly high.

This [measles] outbreak has shown us how quickly infection can spread between people who are not vaccinated.

The message remains that these infections can be extremely serious and anyone not fully vaccinated is at risk. If you are not vaccinated, now is the time to contact your GP.

– Dr Marion Lyons, Director of Health Protection for Public Health Wales

Measles outbreak 'has slowed significantly'

Thousands of MMR jabs have been given in schools and drop-in clinics in the last few months. Credit: PA

The number of cases in the measles outbreak centred on Swansea have risen by 20 in the last week, to reach 1,191.

Dr Marion Lyons from Public Health Wales said the outbreak "has slowed significantly, but parents should not believe this is the last we will see of measles in Wales if large numbers remain unvaccinated."


MMR uptake 'at record levels' for two-year-olds

Public Health Wales says not at parts of Wales have reached a 95% target

The number of two-year-olds being given the MMR vaccine in South Wales is "at record levels", Public Health Wales says.

National uptake of the first dose of the vaccine has now reached the 95% target.

The average uptake of the second dose of MMR falls short of the target at 90%, although is considered 'stable'.

The number of reported cases in the measles outbreak centred around Swansea now stands at 1,171.

Measles figures due out

Measles cases in the Swansea area have reached 1,158 Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

Public Health Wales will publish the latest measles outbreak figures later. On Friday, there were 1,158 confirmed cases in the Swansea area.

Health chiefs are warning that although the outbreak appears to be slowing, parents should still get their children vaccinated to prevent further outbreaks.

  1. Rob Osborne, Health Reporter

Wales measles outbreak 'is not over yet'

Clearly the number of new measles cases in the affected area has dramatically slowed down in the last couple of weeks.

Today's figures show the outbreak is not over yet.

Public Health Wales say we should not believe this is the last we will see of measles, and warn we will see large numbers of cases in the future if children remain unvaccinated.

Six new measles cases raise Swansea total to 1,158

Almost 2,500 doses of MMR have been given in GP surgeries in Wales in the last week, according to Public Health Wales (PHW).

Cases in the outbreak centred on the Swansea area have now reached 1,158.

PHW officials said almost 2,500 non-routine MMR jabs have been given out within the past week.


Public Health Wales: 'Get MMR jab over half-term'

Measles infection in the Swansea area are still spreading with 14 news cases since last Friday. Credit: PA

The measles outbreak in Wales remains a concern says Public Health Wales with 1,356 cases of measles reported in Wales since last November.

The number of cases associated with the outbreak centred in the Swansea area have risen by 14 since Friday 24 May.

Young people aged 10 to 18 are being encouraged to use the half term break to catch up on any missed doses of MMR vaccine.

PHW says around 33,000 young people in this age group are still not fully vaccinated.

Dr Brendan Mason, Regional Epidemiologist said, “If children and young people are to enjoy visiting friends, family, events and attractions where they will meet large numbers of other young people, they should go to their GP to get vaccinated first."

He added, "Measles came to Wales from young people visiting such attractions and has spread wherever there have been large gatherings of children."

Unvaccinated children aged between six and 12 months living in or travelling to the outbreak areas of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot or North Powys can have a vaccination at their GP surgery.

Measles figures due following MMR clinics cessation

A red-brown rash is one of the main symptoms of measles Credit: Public Health Wales

The latest measles figures are due out this afternoon following the cessation of MMR clinics and school vaccination sessions.

Figures released by Public Health Wales on Thursday revealed there have been 1,336 confirmed cases of the virus across Wales since November.

The last of the drop-in clinics were held over the weekend and school vaccination sessions ended on Friday, but the MMR vaccine remains available through GP surgeries. Over 60,000 people in Wales have now received the jab.

MMR drop-in clinics to be held in Powys

Further MMR drop-in clinics will are being held in Powys this weekend Credit: PA

Drop-in sessions for measles vaccinations are being held in Powys this weekend. The focus will be on getting children and young people, who may not have receieved two doses of MMR, vaccinated.

Parents are being encouraged to get their children vaccinated amid the continuing measles outbreak across Wales. Anyone born before 1970 is thought likely to already be immune to measles.

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