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Neil Hamilton tells UKIP conference that UK Government a 'pathetic shambles' over Brexit

Neil Hamilton at the UKIP conference Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire/PA Images

The leader of UKIP in the Welsh Assembly, Neil Hamilton, has described the UK government as a 'pathetic shambles' over Brexit negotiations. The UK Government state they're preparing to leave the EU in the best way possible for the UK's national interest.

Mr Hamilton's comments came as he gave a speech at the party's conference in Torquay, where he said UKIP in Wales should be a template for UKIP in other parts of the UK.

Mark Reckless Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Archive/PA Images

Mr Hamilton also had critical words for Mark Reckless, who left UKIP to join the Conservatives in the Assembly, describing him as 'no better than a common thief'.

Mr Reckless left the party earlier this year and continues to sit as an AM, representing the South Wales East region. Today Mr Hamilton said he had no moral right to continue to sit in the Assembly, and he should make way for the next UKIP candidate on the list. When asked about the comments, Mr Reckless told ITV News he had 'no comment'.

The UKIP conference finishes on the 30th September.


UKIP AM made to apologise for 'suicide' jibe

UKIP's leader in the Senedd, Neil Hamilton, has been ordered to apologise after telling a fellow AM that "suicide is an option". He made the remark to Labour's Eluned Morgan, who was expressing her regret that Britain was leaving the European Union.

Today's a profoundly sad day for the nation and also for our children and our children's children. Of course, those who will pay the highest price for Article 50 will be those who can least afford it.

– Eluned Morgan AM

AMs repeated to each other what they had heard Neil Hamilton say and the Lywydd (Presiding Officer) Elin Jones ordered him to apologise. He seemed reluctant to comply.

What was unparliamentary about the remark? ... In deference to you Llywydd, I will apologise for whatever remark I am supposed to have made.

– Neil Hamilton AM
Other AMs looked as if they couldn't quite believe what Neil Hamilton had just said. Credit: Senedd TV

Eluned Morgan said that she would have liked an apology as well but the Presiding Office ruled that she had accepted Neil Hamilton's apology on her behalf.

Jones and Cameron are panicking claim UKIP

UKIP's leader in the Assembly has claimed that the joint appearance by David Cameron and Carwyn Jones is a sign of panic on the Remain side in the EU referendum. Neil Hamilton dismissed their argument that a Leave vote would hit the Welsh economy, claiming that EU membership was "like being shackled to a corpse".

There's plenty of panic in the Remain camp. George Osborne comes out every day with a new wild proposal. They are now in free-fall, so what was previously impossible -Carwyn Jones and David Cameron on the same platform- has changed. But that's like getting onto the top deck of the Titanic as it goes towards the iceberg.

– UKIP Assembly leader Neil Hamilton AM