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Labour attacks Welsh Tories' tax cut call

Labour's Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith has criticised a call to reduce the 40% tax rate here in Wales made by the opposition leader Andrew RT Davies.

The contrast between Labour's proposal to cut taxes for 1.2 million Welsh workers by reintroducing a 10p band and the Tories' secret plan to prioritise 120,000 higher earners by cutting the 40p rate couldn't be clearer.Andrew RT Davies has yet to tell us how much this tax cut would cost and most importantly which services the Tories would cut to pay for it if they won power in Wales.

George Osborne is to introduce yet more austerity measures as he sticks to his failed economic strategy, but has he costed this tax cut into his budget plans for 2016/17? And did David Jones know about it as he prepares his response to the Silk Commission?This is a half-baked plan that won't help the Tories' credibility following the humiliating loss of Britain's AAA credit rating this weekend.

– Owen Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary

Poll is 'vote of confidence' - Labour

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith says the results of the latest Sharp End poll represent a vote of confidence in Labour's leadership at Westminster and in Wales.

This poll is disastrous news for both the Tories and the Lib Dems. It shows the plummeting support for the UK coalition parties and a strong vote of confidence in the leadership of Ed Miliband and Carwyn Jones. That Plaid Cymru's support is also down shows that voters value the way the Welsh Labour Government is standing up for Wales in the face of cuts from Westminster.

There is a long way to go until the next elections but what is clear is that people can see for themselves the difference between a Labour Government investing in jobs and growth and protecting public services, and a Tory/Lib Dem Government prioritising a tax cut for millionaires while cutting support for working people.

– Owen Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary



Labour criticises 'Jones the Jag' Welsh Secretary

We like giving people a nickname in Wales: Evans the Milk, Dai the Pop...and now we’ve got Jones the Jag as our Secretary of State.

Still, he’s been so inactive since he got the job and made so few public appearances that perhaps he can be forgiven for taking every chance to try out the ministerial limo.

Taxpayers in Clwyd West, however, or the 5,500 people getting their tax credits cut might not all be so forgiving about his 100 yard joyride.

– Owen Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary

Court dispute over Welsh bill was 'waste of time, effort and money' - Shadow Welsh Secretary

Labour's Shadow Welsh Secretary has criticised the Secretary of State for taking the dispute over the Welsh Government's first bill to the Supreme Court. Owen Smith said

Now that both of the Wales Office’s legal challenges have been dismissed out of hand, David Jones should pledge not to waste any more time or taxpayers money with further such challenges.

If the only good to come from this complete waste of time, effort and money is that the Welsh Secretary now has a better understanding of where the devolution boundary lies, I can’t help but feel the Welsh public has been left short-changed.

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