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Pressure on Welsh Government to do more on business rates

The Treasury's released the Budget details in its 'red book'. Credit: HM Treasury

There's been instant pressure from Welsh Conservative MPs for the Welsh Government to do more about business rate relief.

But the Welsh Government is expected to argue that they have already committed the money they'll receive as a result of the business rate measures announced for England today.

Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford is pointing out that it's up to the Welsh Government to decide how any extra money is spent.

The Treasury has now released the detailed report, know as the Red Book, which supports todays Budget speech. It reveals that the Welsh Government is expected to get £15 billion from the Treasury 2017/18. That's £200 million more than was planned for the same financial year in George Osborne's last Budget.

'Extra £200 million for Wales' says Hammond

The Chancellor says his Budget includes an extra £200 million for the Welsh Government to spend.

Help with business rates - in England

Businesses hit by business rate increases in England are to get extra help, including a £300 million discretionary fund to help the worst hit and a £1,000 discount for most pubs.

It will be up to the Welsh Government to decide whether to offer more help to businesses in Wales.


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Helping young and reducing deficit main Budget themes

Credit: PA

Chancellor Philip Hammond has revealed to ministers the main themes of Wednesday's Spring Budget.

The Budget is intended to help young people get the skills they need to perform high-skilled and high-paid jobs in future, and give more children the opportunity to go to a good or outstanding school.

Another key theme is to bring down the deficit so the country can "get back to living within its means".

Mr Hammond said the UK economy had continued to show evidence of "fundamental robustness and resilience", but warned further austerity measures are on the cards with deficit and debt "too high".

Wales gets £400 million from infrastructure plans

Chancellor Phillip Hammond is delivering his autumn statement to MPs Credit: Parliament TV

Chancellor Phillip Hammond says Wales will get £400 million as a consequence of the spending on roads and other infrastructure that he's announced for England.

The Chancellor said high value infrastructure investment will improve Britain's productivity and so he could justify the "short term borrowing" to pay for it.

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