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Opinions divided over planned Wrexham prison

Critics of a new super prison in Wrexham believe violence, drug abuse and disorder will be inevitable at a site of its size and scale.

Supporters of the project argue it'll be a boost to the local economy and create jobs. But experts say problems at newly built prisons of similar sizes prove its difficult to keep inmates under control, as Alexandra Lodge reports.

Concerns over planned Wrexham prison to be raised

The prison is intended to house 2,000 prisoners Credit: Ministry of Justice

Concerns will be raised later over the size and scale of the plans for a new super-prison in Wrexham by a panel of experts at an event in Cardiff Bay.

The UK government says the jail will cover 26 hectares at the former Firestone factory on the Wrexham Industrial Estate, house around 2,000 inmates and employ nearly 800 people.

Those who welcome the plans say it will be beneficial for local economy.

But opponents say the prison will bring disruption and argue that small prisons can find it easier to perform better than large ones. They also say that the development would have a detrimental effect on existing Welsh Government responsibilities.

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