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  1. Lynn Courtney

Welsh Government says no to regional rates of benefits

A Welsh Government spokesperson has given us this response to the debate on whether there should be regional rates of benefits:

There appears to be a great deal of confusion surrounding the Prime Minister's proposal. However, should any attempt be made to introduce regional rates of benefits, we will resist such a move.

Wales will be hit disproportionately compared to many other parts of the UK by the welfare reforms already proposed by the UK Government. Any attempt to introduce regional benefits will just make matters worse.

With prices in many areas of Wales being much higher than in other parts of the UK, the imposition of a regional benefit regime would simply compound the problem.


The Welsh Government spokesman went on to say

We have already published evidence showing the case for regional pay is flawed. The case presented by the Treasury for regional pay is full of assertions made without any solid basis in evidence and this does not give us any confidence that the case for regional rates of benefit is built on solid foundations.