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Royal Welsh Show 2013 draws to a close

Charles and Camilla were at the show yesterday Credit: Matt Cardy/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Its the final day of the 50th Royal Welsh Show today, with attendance this year at a high level.

Yesterday, the show had just over 71,500 visitors - the highest ever daily figure.

Tuesday was the second busiest Tuesday ever, with nearly 64,000 visiting the ground.

The four-day event started brilliantly in fantastic sunshine on Monday when the first day's attendance reached 53,642 - up by 5,000 on same day last year.


Parade is a 'special day' for troops

"It's always a privilege and honour for soldiers to march through the towns and cities of Wales - the places where family, loved ones and friends can welcome them.

"Saturday will be no different and the parade in Caernarfon will be another special day for The Royal Welsh."

– Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Webb MC OBE, Commanding Officer 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh

The parade will march from the barracks in the town to Castle Square - where the troops will be inspected at 11am.

Soldiers in Caernarfon parade

Soldiers will march through Caernarfon today Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Troops from the Royal Welsh will march through Caernarfon today for a freedom parade. The soldiers will be made up from B Company, 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh.

The troops will be led through the town by the Regimental Band and Corps of Drums of The Royal Welsh, the Goat Major and Billy, the regimental goat.

Soldiers' computer training: 'helping win the wars of tomorrow'

"We're not expected to win every mission" says Sgt. Haydn Poyner.

"They throw different scenarios to see what assets are best used and what different situations, so sometimes you might get absolutely hammered and have mass casualties whereas sometimes we'll do extremely well and win the battle."

The project - known as 'Future Force - is based at the Army's Land Warfare Centre in Warminster.

"We're trying to determine exactly what we need to fight and win the wars of tomorrow" says Col. Tim Law, assistant head of army force development.


£1m virtual combat training for Royal Welsh soldiers

The software includes highly detailed environments to test the soldiers' skills Credit: ITV News

It looks like the ultimate war game and sounds like it too...

'Urban Warrior 5' is a £1m virtual training programme that soldiers from The Royal Welsh regiment have been taking part in at the Army's Land Warfare Centre in Wiltshire.

It involves using the latest computer software to create realistic combat scenarios. The Army says the simulations help it to decide the resources it needs to invest in for the conflicts of the future.

Welsh MPs call for answers on army cuts

Monmouth MP David Davies, who chairs the Commons' Welsh Affairs committee, has written to the Defence Secretary over the way the Welsh army has been affected by Army cuts. In particular he raises concerns about the decision to axe a battalion of the Royal Welsh.

In his letter, Mr Davies tells the Defence Secretary, Phillip Hammond that he and MPs on the committee want answers to the following concerns.

In evidence to the Committee on this issue, an independent defence expert told us that, based on proportionality, cost and recruitment considerations, it would be more advisable to cut several battalions of the Scottish regiments and the Gurkhas.

We heard that 98% of the Royal Welsh is drawn from within Wales, and in many families service to the regiment has continued for many generations.

We believe that the impact on families and communities across Wales, as well as on morale in the regiments more widely, will be enormous.

We are concerned that the decision to cut a Welsh battalion may be at least partly politically motivated. Scottish regiments have found it difficult to recruit in recent years, and the decision to maintain all five Scottish infantry regiments, albeit with one performing ceremonial duties, suggests preferential treatment. We seek assurances that this is not the case.

We are also concerned that the statement regarding the loss of 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh did not provide greater clarity for the serving men and women. We seek clarification on how many of them will be ‘absorbed’ into the 1st Battalion and how many will be made redundant. In a time of high unemployment, all possible assistance must be provided to enable former servicemen and women to seek employment after the armed forces. They currently face a great deal of uncertainty regarding their future.

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