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Cut red tape for teachers says Plaid

Plaid Cymru has pledged to cut red tape for teachers to allow them to concentrate on teaching with minimal bureaucracy. Education spokesman Simon Thomas told the party's conference a future Plaid Welsh Government would give schools more freedom.

Having excellent teachers and heads sitting before a computer filling in forms or ticking boxes, or sweating over reports at home, is a waste of their talent and commitment. I want to see them freed up to teach at the whiteboard face as much as possible.

That’s why I’m proposing to set up a taskforce to work with teaching unions to cut unnecessary bureaucracy. We want to work with schools and give them the freedom to achieve.

I want to see a system where the Welsh Government sets learning outcomes for schools, but to allows them flexibility to decide how they want to get there. We need to nurture best practice, and teachers need freedom to do that.

– Simon Thomas AM, Plaid Cymru


Further proof tuition fees rethink needed - Plaid

Plaid Cymru's Education Spokesperson, Simon Thomas, says these new figures show that the way students and universities are funded is unsustainable in the long term.

The increasing weight of evidence from both the Finance Committee inquiry and the Welsh Auditor's report this week points to the fundamental unsustainability of the current funding regime for students and universities.

Though Plaid Cymru does not believe it is wrong in principle to fund students studying outside Wales, the lack of fair funding for Wales does force all political parties to rethink their priorities in HE.

Plaid Cymru has been consulting on alternatives and while our core policy will remain free higher education tuition for all, until that is affordable we will concentrate on working up proposals that ensure access to HE is open to all; that those from less privileged backgrounds get a head start; that key subjects in Wales such as medicine and science, technology and engineering (STEM) are supported; that Welsh universities have sufficient funding to be attractive to studens and researches and that we improve our take of the Research Councils' funding.

– Simon Thomas AM, Plaid Cymru Education spokesperson

Plaid: universities review should end earlier

Plaid Cymru's Education spokesman says his party wants to engage with the review of higher education funding and student finance announced by the Education Minister. But Simon Thomas says the review should report before the Welsh Election in 2016 and not after it as currently planned.

And he rejected the suggestion that by engaging with it, Plaid is allowing Labour to put off making its own policy clear until after the election.


Universities review is admission of shortcomings - Plaid

Plaid Cymru's Education Spokesman has welcomed the Education Minister's announcement of review into the funding of universities and student finances. But Simon Thomas says the review is an attempt to deal with 'shortcomings' in the Welsh Government's policy.

The Education Minister’s decision to set up a Commission to review the Higher Education funding policy is an admission that the current policy is unsustainable and it is welcome that the Minister is seeking to address its shortcomings.

However, the remit and timetable for the Commission’s reporting should be determined by its chair and panel. A Commission that does not report until after the next election will be seen as saying as much about the Minister’s reluctance to engage with his own party on reform as it does about anything else.

Nevertheless, if this is a genuine cross party commission we will play our part fully but we will continue to develop and scrutinise our own policies.

– Simon Thomas AM, Plaid Cymru Education spokesperson

'Two toothless men fighting over a toothbrush' says Plaid about Labour-Tory spat

Plaid Cymru has weighed into a row between Welsh Labour and the Welsh Conservatives over a delayed decision on tax and borrowing powers. Plaid AM Simon Thomas called the argument between Tory leader Andrew RT Davies and Labour AM Mike Hedges 'a unionist spat' and added:

This is a case of two toothless men fighting over who lost the toothbrush.

Plaid Cymru is the only party that can deliver for Wales. Unionist parties are ignoring the evidence and letting us down.

Only by putting Wales First will a Welsh Government enable our nation to reach its full potential in the community of nations.

– Simon Thomas AM, Plaid Cymru

Resignation inevitable says opposition leader

Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies has claimed that Leighton Andrews had to resign after first campaigning against a reduction in services at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and then urging Rhondda Cynon Taff Council to look again at plans to close a school in his constituency.

After the failure of Carwyn Jones to endorse his Education Minister’s position during my questions to him today, it was inevitable that he had to go. The actions of the Education Minister - both over the Royal Glamorgan Hospital and now school closures - called into question not only the Education Minister’s judgement, but that of the First Minister himself.

– Leader of the Opposition Andrew RT Davies AM

Plaid Cymru's education spokesperson Simon Thomas had already called for the Education Minister to lose his role in deciding appeals against school closures on the grounds he had damaged his impartiality.

The Education Minister’s long-held position on school surplus places has been undermined by his actions and this undermines the Welsh Government as a whole. [His resignation] is the correct decision to take when collective cabinet responsibility has been abdicated and you find yourself arguing against your own policies.

– Plaid Cymru Education Spokesperson Simon Thomas AM
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