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Firm stops building homes in parts of the valleys

One of Wales' biggest house builders is stopping its developments in the valleys north of Pontypridd because it doesn't make enough profit on sales.

The news from Persimmon Homes comes a day after the Welsh Government announced plans to invest £130 million to build affordable homes across Wales in the next 30 years.

But housing community bosses say those plans don't go far enough, as Alexandra Lodge reports.


£130m for homes in Wales

20 Housing Associations are taking part in the scheme Credit: PA

Work will start this year on constructing 1000 homes which will be built in Wales over the next two years.

And over the next 30 years the Welsh Government will be putting £130m towards building "quality and affordable housing.

Carl Sargeant, Minister for Housing and Regeneration says, "Building new homes is important not only in meeting the growing housing need of communities but also as a way of providing work to help people out of poverty and to counter the highly damaging effects of the UK Government's 'bedroom tax'.