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AM say Crabb "connects with people"

Conservative AM Suzy Davies has declared her support for Stephen Crabb becoming their party's next leader -and Britain's next Prime Minister. She says she bases her backing for the Preseli Pembrokeshire MP on his record as Welsh Secretary and his ability to connect with people.


Crabb under fire for opposing equal marriage

Former Shadow Welsh Secretary Nia Griffith has claimed that if the Conservatives elect Stephen Crabb as their next leader, they'll be "turning the clock back". Mr Crabb was promoted earlier this year from Welsh Secretary to Work and Pensions Secretary but Ms Griffith condemned his opposition to equal marriage for gay people and his department's treatment of people with disabilities.

Welsh MP declares support for Crabb

Preseli Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb has secured the public backing of 20 Conservative MPs so far in his bid to become the next Conservative leader and Prime Minister. Only the front-runner, Boris Johnson, has more with support from 33 MPs.

Two of Mr Crabb's supporters are Welsh MPs -his fellow cabinet minister Alun Cairns and the Cardiff North MP Craig Williams. Mr Williams told our Political Editor Adrian Masters why he'd decided to be one of the first to declare for Stephen Crabb.

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Crabb to warn against 'fear' tactics in EU campaign

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb will use a speech in Cardiff to warn EU referendum campaigners. Credit: PA

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb is expected to warn both sides in the forthcoming referendum on EU membership not to try to "bully" the electorate. He'll tell business leaders in Cardiff later today that "anything that smells of 'project fear' from either side will fail".

Despite explicitly appealing to campaigners both for and against staying in EU, Mr Crabb will make clear his disapproval of arguments based on fears about Britain's economic and military security if the UK leaves. It's a position that will chime with the views of the many Eurosceptics in the Conservative party.

Resolve needed to defeat terrorists says Crabb

The Welsh Secretary says the attacks in Paris 'remind us of the need for resolve' to defeat terrorism.

He says 'determined action' is needed and says parliament should back the Prime Minister's plans for military action against ISIS targets in Syria.

In an interview with Political Editor Adrian Masters, Stephen Crabb talks of his personal and family links with France and his own concerns about their safety during the attacks last Friday.


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