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Got the Stereophonics t-shirt? Now buy the pub!

The Valleys pub where rock band Stereophonics played their first gig is up for sale - for as little as £35,000.

Fans of the band can buy The Shepherds Arms in the village of Cwmaman, near Aberdare, where singer Kelly Jones first took the stage to sing.

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The pub has been closed for more than five years but is up for auction next week with the £35,000-£40,000 guide price. Kelly said: "The Sheps gave us our start in music. Whenever I see it I immediately think: "Ah, I'm home."

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The pub, built in 1851 when the village was a busy mining community, is being sold by the neighbouring workmen's institute.

Stereophonics' Kelly Jones enters Cardiff City row

Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones has blasted Cardiff City's rebrand plans via the band's Twitter account.

"Is nothing sacred?" he said. "Speaking as a non Cardiff City fan, but as a full blooded Welshman, I have to say I am bemused by the news!"

"Changing the famous blue strip to red! Is this Malaysian gentlemen unaware we have a national team with such a strip. What's next - an Australian buying Manchester United and dressing them in stars and union jacks and calling them the red kangaroos?

"What happened to this great game?"