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Organisers cancel beach party after police request

Police say the beach party at Talacre was planned for July 5th Credit:

A beach party aimed at attracting thousands of revellers has been cancelled after North Wales Police warned the organisers the event was illegal.

Officers and coastal rangers said they were responding to reports of a party on the sand dunes and beach at Talacre in Flintshire for July 5th.

North Wales Police say they visited the organisers and "strongly advised them that such an event would be illegal and that they would be held responsible".

The organisers have now cancelled the event.

Sergeant John Williams said, “We will deal positively to reports of any large groups gathering on Talacre beach, which is likely to cause serious upset in the community. This area is a natural habitat for wildlife and the fines involved for damage range up to £20,000.

“We have powers to seize vehicles and sound equipment and would do so if necessary. We have now been informed by the organisers that the event has been cancelled.”

Rare sand lizard reintroduced to Talacre coastal site

It's believed the sand lizard became extinct in Wales around 60 years ago Credit: Tim Ockenden/PA Archive

A threatened species of British lizard is due to be released in Talacre in North Wales today following a successful breeding programme between Chester Zoo and partners.

Sand lizards were once commonly found on dunes and heathland, but became endangered as a result of the gradual destruction of their habitats.

It's believed they went extinct in Wales around 60 years ago, but after being hatched and reared by keepers around 400 lizards are due to be reintroduced to the wild.