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AMs must do the decent thing and reject pay hike say union

These independent recommendations will rightly be met by incredulity by our members and people across Wales - many of whom are at the sharp end of the impact of austerity when it comes to their own wages. Whilst the rest of Welsh workers remain subject to the double whammy of wage restraint and rising cost of living, the decent thing to do is for our Assembly Members to reject the recommendations as they stand

– Unite Wales Secretary Andy Rchards

Ceredigion MP launches petition to save bus services

Ceredigion MP Mark Williams has launched a petition, calling for a new operator to be found for six bus services, which Arriva announced would be cancelled from December.

Arriva Buses Wales said yesterday that Services 20, 40, 40C, 50, 585 and X94 will stop, its Aberystwyth depot, and New Quay, Lampeter and Dolgellau outstations will close, with up to 46 jobs potentially lost.

It said "spiralling fuel costs has resulted in an unsustainable financial pressure."

Local MP Mark Williams reacted on Twitter: "I am absolutely appalled by Arriva's decision to axe half a dozen bus services in Ceredigion and isolate many of my constituents."

On Tuesday the 1st of October, Arriva Buses announced that it would be cancelling 6 bus services from the 21st of December. This will mean there is no bus link with South Wales and force people trying to travel to South Wales by public transport to instead take a five hour train journey. The closure of the Aberystwyth depot could mean as many as 46 people lose their jobs.

We believe that this is unacceptable and the Welsh Government and Ceredigion County Council must act immediately to ensure that the services can be continued.

– Mark Williams, MP for Ceredigion


Remploy workers to take further industrial action on Thursday

Remploy workers are planning to hold a second day of industrial action this Thursday. Members of the Unite and GMB unions are pledging to continue to fight for their future.

There was solid support from workers and the public alike for the Remploy action last week and that looks set to continue as we enter a second day of strike action.

Our members have been treated with total contempt and disrespect by the UK Coalition Government who could learn a lesson or two from our own Welsh Government who have demonstrated ongoing support for Remploy in Wales.

This support is to be welcomed and we will continue to work with those who have the best interests of Remploy at heart, including any further potential bids as hopefully appears to be the case in Wrexham.

– Unite Wales Secretary, Andy Richards
  1. Lynn Courtney

Labour hits back at Plaid's accusations of "Tribalism"

In a further development in the row, a Welsh Labour spokesman had this to say .

Hearing Leanne Wood and Plaid Cymru banging on about tribalism once again is as pathetic as it is predictable, coming as it does from a party whose guiding principle is the indisputably tribalist politics of separation.

Welsh Labour remains as proud as ever of its long and deep rooted bond with its affiliated Trade Unions and we were disgusted by Leanne Wood's inaccurate and vindictive attack on the good work that they do.

But people in Wales will see her claims for what they are-the grubby politics of a leader who has already lost her way and the support of much of her party.

– Welsh Labour Spokesperson

The spokesperson went on to say

There are many reasons why Trade Unions remain deeply suspicious of Plaid Cymru.

Plaid's threat of separation, threat to the UK economy, threatening to tear up pay bargaining arrangements, telling lies about the Welsh Union Learning Fund and calling development grants for working people "bribery" are just some of them.

– Welsh Labour Spokesperson


  1. Lynn Courtney

Plaid Cymru accuses the leader of Unite of putting party loyalty before members' interests

Andy Richards , leader of Unite ,had described Plaid's call for a coalition of left wing groups to challenge austerity measures " a publicity stunt "

But Plaid Cymru AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas hit back accusing Mr Richards of putting his own political interests above those of his members.

This is an astonishing outburst from Andy Richards who seems unable to accept that Plaid Cymru has shown long term determination to stand up for the rights of working people.His tribal comments show clearly that his priority is what's best for the labour party rather than what is best for his members.

Over the past months, I and many Plaid Cymru colleagues have stood shoulder to shoulder with members of trade unions, including Unite, who have been fighting for a fair deal on pensions and to save jobs that the UK Government want to axe.

– Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

The Am went on further to say

The Labour party on the other hand has refused to support these efforts.

Labour's Ed Milliband has even said he will not reverse the cuts being made if he gets a chance.

If Mr Richards spends his time fighting for what's best for the labour party rather than what's best for Unite members, maybe he should consider if he is in the right job.

If Labour in Wales is really interested in what's best for workers, they will disassociate themselves from Mr Richard's comments.

I invite Carwyn Jones to make a swift and clear statement opposing these tribal and sectarian remarks

– Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, Carmerthen East and Dinefwr

Plaid Cymru " shameless and opportunistic" says trade union leader.

Andy Richards, Secretary of Unite, Wales, is claiming Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood's call to form a coalition of left wing groups as "an opportunistic publicity stunt."

The timing of Plaid Cymru's announcement is as cynical as it is shameless . This is nothing more than an opportunistic publicity stunt ahead of next week's TUC conference in Llandudno and on the back of a second electoral rejection in a row of Plaid Cymru by Welsh people in the local elections.

Unite Wales is already committed to working with fellow trade unionists and other community organisations in Wales to fight the UK Governments austerity agenda and further action against the cuts is high on the agenda at next week's conference.

– Andy Richards, Secretary of Unite, Wales

Mr Richards went on to explain:

We want to go one step further for the people of Wales and next week will open our discussion on "Making Devolution Work" , a positive progressive policy debate on how we work within a devolved Wales to win for workers and the Welsh Economy as a whole.