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  1. Adrian Masters

Welsh Lib Dem leader ready for budget talks

Welsh Liberal Democrats say they'd want more money spent on schools before they'd back Labour's budget. The spending plans are published later but the Welsh Government doesn't have a majority in the Senedd and needs the votes of another party to get its budget through.

There are more details of the Lib Dem demands here. I asked the party's Welsh leader Kirsty Williams if she's holding out for a continuation of the deal she struck last year or an increase in the amount of money ploughed into schools.


Nick Clegg greeted by protesters at Lib Dem conference

Nick Clegg arrives at Welsh Lib Dem conference ignoring protesters Credit: ITV Wales
People gathered outside the conference to protest against spending cuts Credit: ITV Wales

As he arrived to speak at the Welsh Liberal Democrat conference today, Nick Clegg did not appear ruffled by those who had gathered to protest against spending cuts.