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Calls for Wales to have same powers as Scotland

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith has backed the idea that Wales should be entitled to whatever powers are devolved to Scotland. In an interview at the Labour party conference in Manchester with ITV Cymru Wales, Mr Smith was asked if he backed calls by First Minister Carwyn Jones for the Welsh Government to be able to choose which of the Scottish powers it wanted.

Owen Smith has called for more powers to be devolved to Wales. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

"Yes. We've been very clear that we need to make sure that in future we've got a more symmetrical devolution settlement, certainly between Wales and Scotland."

– Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith MP

Scotland already has more powers than Wales and was promised more during the independence referendum campaign. However, Mr Smith suggested that there were not that many more powers to devolve.

He said "the next big step" was tax powers, where there would have to be a referendum. But Wales would be "afforded the same option as Scotland" although a Westminster Labour government would need to be certain that Wales would be better off as a result of a new deal on tax and funding.