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  1. Lorna Prichard

Wrexham Council seeks to boost affordable housing

Residents have just started moving into a block of affordable flats and houses designed to ease Wrexham's affordable housing shortage.

The authority has been criticised recently for having the lowest proportion of affordable housing in the whole of Wales - just one house per 10,000 residents.

But the council says it is disappointed with that figure, and is working to improve it.

Wrexham: Labour target seat

All ballot boxes have reached the sports hall at Glyndwr University Credit: ITV News Wales

Two years ago in the general election, Labour in Wrexham were looking slightly nervously over their shoulders at the potential of the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg's party and his personal ratings were high enough for the party to have hopes of winning the seat.

What a difference 24 months can make - Labour are Wrexham Council's biggest single party with 13 seats, but, find themselves in opposition to a rainbow coalition led by Lib Dem Ron Davies.

This is the sort of council both Welsh Labour and Ed Miliband will be hoping turns red on the polling charts by the early hours of tomorrow morning.