Tories' election promises

The Welsh Conservatives launch their local election manifesto, promising a council tax freeze, direct funding of schools and action to give power to communities and local people.

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  1. Nick Powell

Tory chair talks of Severn Bridges tolls freeze

Lady Warsi in Newport, where she talked about a freeze on the Severn Bridges tolls Credit: ITV Wales News

Conservative Party chair Sayeeda Warsi has added a freeze on the Severn Bridges tolls to the Tories' local election promises.

As with some other pledges, it's not one that Conservative councillors can deliver. The Treasury and the Welsh Government are in talks about the future of the tolls.

Baroness Warsi's cabinet colleague, the Chancellor George Osborne, has suggested using the money to pay for an M4 relief road once the cost of building the second Severn crossing is paid off. The initial reaction of the Welsh Finance Minister, Jane Hutt, was that the tolls should be cut.

But today Lady Warsi hinted at a possible compromise when she spoke at the Welsh Conservative local election manifesto launch in Newport. She said the people of Wales could look forward to frozen Severn Bridge tolls "only if they vote Conservative".

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