Divers rescue golfer's possessions from a watery fate

Diver Howard Lewis and his team Credit: Celtic Manor

Divers helped rescue a man's watch and wedding ring, after he let his golf bag and trolley plunge into a lake on the golf course.

Alan Neill was left panicked after the window blew his trolley into the water, as he played a round of golf at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport.

Mr Neill used a rake to fish his golf bag, minus the trolley and several irons, out of the lake. To his horror, he found that a £1,500 watch and his wedding ring had fallen out and were nowhere to be seen.

After a fruitless search, Mr Neill returned to his work as a financial controller. In the meantime, the Cynon Valley Sub Aqua Club were called in - and managed to retrieve the missing items from the depths.

“I’m over the moon"said Mr Neill. "Most things are replaceable but a wedding ring is not"

"We’re celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in September so it feels great to have the ring back. "