Assembly elections reform plans

The Welsh Secretary, Cheryl Gillan, has published a consultation on whether the Assembly should have fewer constituency AMs and more elected from regional lists.

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Plans to change Assembly voting system 'fundamentally undemocratic' - First Minister tells Nick Clegg

The First Minister says he's told the Deputy Prime Minister that plans by the Welsh Secretary to review the way AMs are elected are 'fundamentally undemocratic.' Carwyn Jones raised his opposition to Cheryl Gillan's Green Paper on electoral reform at a meeting chaired by Nick Clegg earlier.

I made sure that it was seen as a very serious issue. The Deputy Prime Minister understood it was a very serious issue and we'll explore this further.

– Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister

When she launched the review earlier this week, the Welsh Secretary dismissed calls for decision-making power over electoral systems in Wales to be devolved. She said that in two years there had been no request for any such transfer. Carwyn Jones responded:

We don't want to see any change. Nobody has a mandate for change. Nobody thought we'd have a Green Paper such as this in this age of devolution, seeking to impose change on the people of Wales without their consent. We thought we were beyond those days and the Prime Minister has given me assurances there'd be no change without the agreement of the Assembly.

– Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister

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