Anorexic woman ruling

A judge rules that a 32-year-old woman from Wales, who cannot be identified, should be force-fed 'in her best interests'.

MP blasts "shameful" decision by judge to force-feed Welsh anorexic woman

A High Court judge's ruling that a Welsh woman with severe anorexia should be force-fed is wrong, a Montgomeryshire MP says.

On his Twitter account and in an article on his website, Glyn Davies MP argued that the 32-year-old woman "should be allowed to die with dignity".

Yesterday, Mr Justice Peter Jackson ruled that the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, should be fed against her wishes if it is deemed necessary to keep her alive.

The woman has not had solid food for more than a year.

The judge said the right to life over-rode concerns about her personal independence. It was, he said, a "very difficult decision" to make.

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