Nuclear subs set for Wales?

In the wake of the Scottish Government's announcement that it wants Britain's nuclear submarine fleet to be removed from Scotland, the First Minister says the fleet - and the jobs - would find 'more than a welcome' in Wales.

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  1. Adrian Masters

Welsh Government: nuclear subs would be 'more than welcome' in Wales

The Welsh Government says it would provide a base for Britain's nuclear submarine fleet if an independent Scotland removed the fleet from Scottish waters. It follows an announcement by the Scottish Government that it is 'firmly committed to the earliest possible withdrawal of Trident from Scotland.'

Using the @WelshGovernment and @fmwales twitter accounts, the Welsh Government made its position clear:

There would be more than a welcome for the UK's nuclear submarine fleet and 6,000 new jobs in Milford Haven.

Plaid supporters have already begun to express their horror at the thought. But many Labour activists will also be opposed even to the idea. And it seems a long way from the 'nuclear-free Wales' position of previous Labour-led Welsh Governments.

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