Campaign against Royal Welsh battalions merger

A group of Welsh veterans says they intend to challenge the decision to merge Second Battalion the Royal Welsh with the 1st Battalion.

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Army decision is 'a hollow victory for Wales' - Shadow Welsh Secretary

Labour's Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith says the army cuts highlight the failure of Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan to defend Wales' interests. Mr Smith said:

I warned the Secretary of State at Welsh Questions last week that Wales was going to lose out in this review of army personnel.

Retaining the cap badge of 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards is a hollow victory for Wales when we see six hundred jobs going from a battalion of the historic Royal Welsh.

Cheryl Gillan said that she was offering her 'undiluted support' for Welsh regiments. Diluted or not, her support clearly wasn't worth a pitcher of warm spit for the six hundred soldiers in Wales who've just been told they may be losing their jobs.

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