Campaign against Royal Welsh battalions merger

A group of Welsh veterans says they intend to challenge the decision to merge Second Battalion the Royal Welsh with the 1st Battalion.

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  1. Adrian Masters

Condemnation of Shadow Welsh Secretary's 'disgusting' comments

A source close to the Secretary of State for Wales has condemned comments made by her Labour shadow in response to today's defence cuts. The source told me that Cheryl Gillan found Owen Smith's remarks (that 'her support wasn't worth a pitcher of warm spit') 'disgusting' adding that,

They contribute nothing to the debate on the future of our armed forces. Not only is he wrong to say that 600 people are losing jobs but incredibly naive if he thinks Wales can remain unscathed from difficult decisions made to fill the £38bn black hole Labour left.

People will look at these comments and question his character. After all this is the man who had to apologise for comparing spending cuts with domestic violence. He clearly hasn't learned lessons from that nor has he learned the art of making political points without being offensive.

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