Tata unveils £240m project

Tata Steel will start work today on a £240 million project to improve the steel works at Port Talbot, including a re-fit of a blast furnace.

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Steel workers' Union responds to Tata workers' cuts

Earlier today Tata steel announced its plans to cut workers' hours. It's part of a move to cut employment costs after a fall in the demand for steel.

Workers now face reduced hours, but Alan Coombs, from the Community Union, believes it's important that the Port Talbot steel manufacturer retains its skilled workforce.

My view is we've got to share the pain. At the moment with the workforce we're looking at employment cost cuts but it's important that everybody takes the hit together and the skills stay in Port Talbot so the skills are ready to be taken advantage of when the markets return.

– Alan Coombs, Community Union

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