MPs reject Severn Barrage plan

MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Committee have criticised a £30bn plan to build a barrage across the Severn Estuary. They say developers have 'failed to address commercial and environmental concerns', and the scheme's viability is 'unproven.'

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Environmental groups raise fears over Severn Barrage plans

Plans to build a barrage across the Severn Estuary could be back on the agenda after the UK Government confirmed it was open to working with affordable and environmentally friendly projects.

Harnessing the tidal power could provide 5% of the UK's energy needs.

Environmentalists have urged caution , amid fears over the scheme's potential to damage the natural habitat for wildlife in the area.

"We accept that the power of the Severn could well be used, but we'd like to see it done in a way that will minimise the impact on wildlife " says Katie-Jo Luxton, from RSPB Cymru.

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