1. Adrian Masters

Wales Office ministers promise new working relationship with Welsh Government

The new Wales Office team from l to r: Baroness Jenny Randerson, Welsh Secretary David Jones, Stephen Crabb MP Credit: Adrian Masters ITV News Wales

There's an air of change about the Wales Office which was evident in the new ministerial team's first press briefing in Cardiff. Welsh Secretary David Jones admitted the relationship between Welsh Government and the his department 'might have been better' over the last two years.

He refused to blame either his predecessor or ministers in Cardiff and said his first meeting with Carwyn Jones had gone well, with both agreeing that a joint approach between the two governments is needed to boost our economy. He hinted at good news in the pipeline on some big projects.

As well as more conciliatory language, the other noticeable change was two deputy ministers. Baroness Randerson said her role was to ensure coalition government is 'reinforced.' Stephen Crabb said he'll continue to work as a whip on Welsh issues but will answer Commons questions.